7 Most expensive zippos

The Zippo Lighter has been around since the 1920s and is one of the most iconic lighters in the world. Each lighter is handmade by artisans in Pennsylvania and comes with an amazing story. The most expensive lighter is on sale right now for $25,000!

Our most expensive zippo is worth the price in many ways, but it also has its disadvantages. Read our article on our most expensive zippo to see why we think it’s worth the cost!

The Zippo Lighter Co., Inc., based in Santa Monica, CA, is the world’s leading producer of hand-rolled lighters. For over a century, they have been made by hand and designed to last.

Most expensive Zippo lighter ever sold?

75th Anniversary Zippo -$37,000 The most expensive Zippo lighter in the world, the 75th Anniversary Zippo it was sold for $37,000.

Cartier Art Deco Gold and Sapphire Cigarette Lighter Set – $17,633

Cartier is one of the world’s top luxury brands, and many of the most affluent individuals have invested in one-of-a-kind Cartier items. This includes this golden cigarette lighter and case.

A ‘lady of title’ once owned it, so it was potentially royal property. Considering its Art Deco design, it was likely created and originally purchased during the 1920s or 1930s.

But if you’re looking to make this set yours, you might be a little disappointed. This gilded lighter and cigarette case sold at a Christie’s auction in 2021, fetching 16,250 Swiss Francs (or about $17,633).

Notably, this lighter (and its matching case) are also embellished with sapphires, one of the most expensive birthstones!

Patek Philippe Gold Lighter With Enamel Flag of Oman – $75,000

This lighter was a custom item created for Qaboos bin Said, the sultan of Oman (from 1970 until 2020). It features a partial Oman flag made of enamel and is made of 18-karat yellow gold. The exterior is embellished with a chevron pattern that catches the light beautifully.

Because this lighter is portable, you might bring it with you on a luxury trip! But, of course, you might struggle to acquire this lighter, as it sold at auction in 2021 for $75,000.

Zippo 1933 Model ($18,000)

Zippo is a manufacturing company in the United States. Incorporated in the year 1932 and produced their first zippo lighter in the year 1933.

Zippo is one of the best lighter brands.

Zippo lighters became very famous after world war II. Their initial first model, which was introduced in 1933, is still very famous among smokers.

This model of the zippo lighter was very classy and unique. And an interesting fact about this model is that no precious metal was used to manufacture this model. The material used for making this lighter was Solid Brass.

In 2001, this model was purchased for $18000 at a swap meet in Tokyo. Later in the year, 2002 company for its collection bought one valued at $12000.

Faberge Imperial table lighter ($136,000)

This lighter is very famous among art lovers. This art mastery was sold out in the year 2012 at Christine’s auction house for $136,000.

Because of the artistic mastery of this lighter, it was sold at a very expensive price and stood at 2nd position.

This exceptional handmade art was made in the early 1900s. And it was made by Russian artists.

1933 Zippo

Zippo is one of the most famous brands that produce medium to high-priced lighters. Zippo started manufacturing lighters in 1933, and this was their initial model. This old design even today is very popular among users. It was sold for $18,000, it did not have any precious metal used in its making still it is one of the most costly lamps in the world.

Why does my Zippo run out so fast?


The most common reason is overfilling it. So always try to fill your zippo a little low than the required amount. The second reason why your zippo drys out or leaks is the shell or the insert of your zippo is deformed. If your zippo gets deformed then the gas will store in it and it will dry out in less than 1 week.

75th Anniversary Zippo -$37,000

The most expensive Zippo lighter in the world, the 75th Anniversary Zippo it was sold for $37,000. In 2007, Zippo celebrated their 75th anniversary and to honor the celebration, they made a special lighter for the occasion.

Famous among smokers, the Zippo lighters are on the market ever since 1932. This lighter was one of the original ones from back in the days.

Zippo Windproof Lighter, because that is the name of the most expensive Zippo lighter in the world was manufactured in Bradford Pennsylvania.

All the Zippo lighter combines a flint-wheel ignition with a naptha-soaked wick.

These butane lighters are wind resistant and one of the most reliable wind-resistant and cold weather resistant lighters.


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