ENTREPRENEURSSo You Want to be Your Own Boss? Here’s What You Need to Know


Working for yourself is a dream shared by many. A place where you choose your own hours, work from home, and earn as much as possible. You may already know what you want to do, but you just can’t find a way to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. Is there an easier way? Of course, it’s called being your boss.

You just have to find a way and know how to be an entrepreneur. Here are six tips to help you fulfill your dream of being your own boss.

Decide What You Want To Do

The first step in being your own boss is deciding what you want to do. The best way to do this is by looking at yourself and try to identify what motivates you.

Do you like working with people, or are you better off on your own? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your hobbies? These questions will help determine what kind of business would be best for you.

Some people like to focus on a particular industry or market segment, while others prefer a broader approach. If your goal is to earn an income that will sustain you and your family, then choose a business with the potential for long-term growth.


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Determine Target Market

A target market is the group of people who will buy from you and keep you in business. There are many more potential customers than actual buyers in any given market segment in most cases.

Knowing your target market is vital. It helps you understand your customers and what they want. If you’re trying to sell something online, you need to know who buys and how they do it. You can do this by doing market research or looking at data from other companies in your industry.

If your business serves a broad range of customers, try narrowing down the target market until you find one that meets most of the following criteria:

  • It’s large enough for the company to grow over time
  • You have something unique or special that this customer needs from you
  • There are enough potential customers in this group for you to earn a living wage while pursuing other goals (such as creating art or teaching yoga)

If you pick a good target market and do what’s necessary to reach that audience, you’ll probably succeed with your business idea.

Take Out Life Insurance for Self-Employed

This doesn’t get talked a lot about but having a self-employed insurance is a key cog in the matrix of running a business. In the case anything happens to you like get critically ill, lose a key partner or even pass away, your business will continue operating at near-normal levels while your loved ones are able to maintain their standard of living.

Life insurance policies include level term, decreasing life insurance and critical illness cover. If you are over 50 years, you can take out 50s life insurance.

Figure Out Your Finances

Figuring out how much money you need to get started is crucial. Make sure to include all costs (including the cost of stock, marketing costs, etc.) in your budget. This will ensure that you don’t run out of money midway and have to borrow from friends or family members to keep going.

Most importantly, set aside enough money before quitting your day job. That way, if things don’t go according to plan, you won’t be forced to go back to working for someone else just because you need money.


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Research about Starting a Business

The first place is to read books and articles that explain how to start a business. The internet is an excellent place to find information on starting and running a successful business.

Look into the feasibility of what you’re planning to do, how much it might cost, which licenses or certifications are required, and how much competition there is in your field. You may also be able to get some help from government agencies or local business support groups.

Combine Your Skills and Passion

Studies show that you’re more likely to do well in a business if you are passionate about it. If you don’t love what you’re doing, it will be hard to stay motivated and keep up with the long hours that running a business requires.

What skills do you have? Are you good at writing? Do you enjoy networking? Do you have an idea for an app?

Consider what industries interest you and see whether they match your skills and talents. Later on, you can use this information as part of your marketing strategy when pitching to clients.


Ultimately, the most important step in becoming an entrepreneur is having the right mindset. You have to be willing to leap of faith and believe that your dreams will become a reality.

If you can do that, you’re well on your way to getting started on the entrepreneurial path. Remember that it won’t always be easy, and there will be obstacles in front of you, but it is well worth it. Good luck!


DON’T MISSHow Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Sphere of Influence


How Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Sphere of Influence




Are you a new real estate agent looking to impact the market? Then you will need to build your sphere of influence to become a successful agent. Building your sphere will help you establish credibility and authority in the real estate community.

People will start asking your advice about what to do with their property or how they may be able to invest. Let’s explore the sphere of influence and how to build it.

What is Sphere of Influence?

A SOI is the group of people that a person influences, such as friends and family. Your sphere will be your group of influence in the real estate world.

On the internet, they are groups and people you follow or subscribe to on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In real estate circles, it will be who you build relationships with to get your name out there and grow your business.

Start with Your Existing SOI

It is essential to let everyone know that you are now a licensed realtor. You will want to introduce yourself and let them know what you can offer. The first place to begin is your existing SOI. These include the following.

1. Friends on Facebook

Use your Facebook page to introduce yourself to your friends. Ask them to like the page and share it with their friends. You will be surprised at the number of people who will ask for your business card at parties when you meet someone new or just run into a friend on the street.

2. Followers on other Social Media Platforms

You can also use Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., to connect with your friends. There is a good chance there are people in your area who know you post on these sites. You can follow them and interact with them to build your SOI.

3. Email Contacts from College or Previous Jobs

If you went to college and graduated from a real estate school, you should have a list of people who may still be in contact with you. You can use these as your email contacts to send an email out and invite them to check out your website or sign up for your newsletter.

You can also approach these contacts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. These people might be looking for someone who understands their needs and wants to help them achieve their goals.


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How to Build a Real Estate Sphere

You can build a real estate sphere by cultivating relationships with the people in your SOI. You must be someone the friends, family, and acquaintances would turn to for information or help.

1. Ask for Referrals Post on Social Media

Post a request for a referral from your SOI on social media. Be specific about your requirements.

For example, you can ask for a referral to someone looking to buy property for investment, rent their property or even sell their home. Explain why this person would be the best choice for this real estate transaction.

2. Attend Various Networking Events

There are many real estates and non-real estate-related events you can attend in your area. Attend as many as you can and build a relationship with the people there. You can even meet them online by hopping on LinkedIn or Twitter and approaching them with a direct message.


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For example, if you go to a real estate conference, you will be able to connect with people in your sphere. Approach them and ask for a business card. Use this business card to follow up with them via email or social media.

3. Find a neighborhood and Start Mailing Postcards with Market Updates or Automated Home Valuations

This is an excellent way to get your information out to the people in your area. You can send postcards with updates on a neighborhood and information on the home’s value, including a link to your website.

The more frequently you send the postcards for realtors, the better it will be for your business. Be sure you include information about how they can contact you if they need help buying, selling, or renovating their property.

4. Build a Website

Your website can be an excellent way to cultivate friendships and authority and build your SOI. You might even consider setting up a blog or social networking site just for real estate agents.

You can post-market updates, check out the latest developments in the market, list your specialties, and let other agents know about your offerings. This is also a great way to gather emails to invite people to check out your website, schedule an appointment, or even contact you.

The more actively your site is updated, the more powerful it will be in helping you build relationships with your SOI.

Keys to Consistently Staying in Contact with SOI

No question building a sphere of influence in the real estate industry can be a challenge. You will need to constantly reach out to your existing contacts and develop new relationships. To make this happen, here are some helpful tips.

1. Set a Schedule

Set a schedule to connect with your SOI. This will help keep you on task and consistently stay in contact with the people in your network. You can do this in one of several ways.

Set monthly goals with the real estate agents with that you want to become close friends. For example, if you have 20 real estate contacts, then you might want to set a goal to reach out to five each month.

2. Use Technology That Allows Mass Texting and Email

Mass texting or mass email can be a quick and easy way to get information out to your SOI. You must be using a system that allows you to send a text or email to everyone at once, for example, Twilio and Real Geeks.

This will help you stay organized and make reaching out to people simple. You can even include your website in the text or email so they have an opportunity to visit and build their relationships with you.

3. Send Emails and Postcards Every Time You Gain or Close a Listing

You can send periodic emails and postcards for realtors to remind your friends, family, and acquaintances about your business. You might even want to send a postcard or text reminders to those in your sphere of influence list.

Each time you receive a new listing, make sure you share the news with the people you have been in contact with. Be sure that you mention how they can sign up for your newsletter or even view the properties on your website using a link.


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4. Use Technology That Allows Email List Management and Reminders

You can use an email list management system to organize your contacts. You can even set up reminders to stay in constant contact with everyone. This will also allow you to send out birthday wishes, anniversary reminders, and more to your SOI.


As you can see, building a SOI in the real estate industry can be challenging. But if you are committed to succeeding, then there is no reason it won’t be easy for you. The internet is your friend. It will help you develop new relationships and grow your sphere of influence.




10 Amazing Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners




According to eMarketer, the global volume of eCommerce is expected to reach around $5.5 trillion in 2022. This huge number shows that there are endless opportunities you can grab in the world of eCommerce.

However, you can only make your eCommerce store successful if you find the right strategies and implement them for your business. Keep reading this blog to find actionable eCommerce tips that will help you strengthen your brand and get more sales.

Focus on Proper Packaging

You can improve the branding of your eCommerce store if you pack your items properly. Good packaging ensures that your items don’t get damaged during delivery. Customized packaging will also leave a positive mark on your eCommerce store.

Make sure you rely on advanced machines for your packaging needs. For example, banding machines provide a superior packaging solution and ensure that your products look attractive and don’t get damaged during delivery.

Understand Your Target Audience

You won’t be able to build your brand or sell more products as an eCommerce store if you don’t know about your target audience. Learning more about your prospects and customers will ensure that you increase your sales easily.

Start by exploring the buyer persona of your customers. A buyer persona can help you identify what your customers like and how you can optimize your store, so it encourages your customers to shop from you instead of buying from other eCommerce stores.

Start with SEO

You cannot excel in the growth of your eCommerce store unless you focus on inbound marketing. Getting discovered online by your target audience will help you generate more sales and get recognition as a trusted eCommerce store.

You can optimize your eCommerce store to pop up in search results by focusing on SEO. Proper SEO practices enable your website to rank higher on SERPs. The more your website appears in the results of terms searched by your prospects, the easier it will be for you to increase your sales.

SEO can be divided into three categories:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Learning about different types of SEO and implementing SEO strategies for your website can get tricky. Instead of spending your time and effort on doing SEO yourself, you can outsource your SEO needs to a digital agency, so you have more time to focus on other business processes.

Make Your Store Mobile-Friendly

According to Cloudflare, around 55% of total web traffic is mobile traffic, which means that more and more people use their smartphones to access the web. You won’t be able to convince mobile users to shop from your eCommerce store if your website is not mobile-friendly.

Here is how you can make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Improve the responsiveness of your website. 
  • Create a structure of pages on your website. 
  • Remove all unnecessary pop-ups and ads. 
  • Enhance the loading speed of your website. 
  • Keep the website design simple and unique.

Offer Amazing Discounts

How can you persuade your prospects to shop from your eCommerce store when tons of other eCommerce websites are selling the same products? Besides improving your delivery time and making your eCommerce store amazing, you can also become attractive to customers by providing discounts.

Every customer wants to buy their favorite items at discounted prices. If possible, you should try to keep the prices of your products lower than those listed on other websites. Being famous as a “discount store” will ensure that you sell more items and generate more profits in no time.

Improve Your Customer Support

 You should focus on improving your customer support to ensure that you can solve the problems your customers face when shopping from your store. If you don’t respond to your customers’ queries on time, you won’t be able to maintain a good relationship with your target audience.

Try to provide 24/7 customer support for your customers. You can set up a customer support department in your office. Still, you can outsource your customer support needs to a BPO if you can’t afford the operational costs of setting up a customer support department.

Hire Skilled People

It can get hard for you to manage all the processes of your eCommerce store all by yourself. To ensure that you don’t get exhausted when managing your store and get things done on time, you have to build a team of skilled professionals.

Working with a team will help you manage your eCommerce store properly. Dividing responsibilities among your team members will help you supercharge the growth of your eCommerce store.

Reinvest in Your Business

Everyone wants to make huge profits from their business. However, without proper reinvesting, a business can crumble in no time. It’s your responsibility as an eCommerce business owner to set some money aside and use it to improve your business.

Take a look at your eCommerce store and identify what changes you can make to accelerate its growth. If you can’t spot any areas where improvement is needed, you can get help from an eCommerce business expert to get suggestions about improving your eCommerce store.

Run Ads Online

The easiest way to encourage more people to shop from you is to run ads online. Spending money on advertising allows you to improve your brand and also helps you increase your sales.

You should choose the right platform for your ad campaign to benefit the most from your ad expenditure. For example, if most of your prospects use Instagram, you should easily run ads on Insta to increase your sales.

Team up With Influencers

It can get difficult for you to create content, ads, and other strategies to improve the effectiveness of your brand. A simple thing you can do to avoid content creation is to team up with influencers respected by your customers.

The good thing about influencer marketing is that it helps you strengthen your brand. Customers are more likely to shop from your store and trust your brand when an influencer they follow encourages them to shop from you.

Influencer marketing will require you to allocate a marketing budget. Estimate how much you will have to spend on influencer marketing to run and manage your influencer marketing campaigns properly.





How To Set Up Your Business For Success (4 Vital Tips)




To create a business and have it thrive beyond your formative years, you’ll need a lot more than a great idea or the passion for being a business owner. Several skills are required of every business owner for their company to reach and surpass its potential. Some of these skills include great planning and strategy and organizational skills.

If you thought owning and running a business meant opening a shop and having customers swarm in by the thousands, you’d find that dream is nothing but fantasy. To succeed in business, you need to set up your foundations right, and we’re here with this article to help.

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