Kennel Cleaning: How Often Should You Do It?

How often do you wash your bedsheets? Most people wash their sheets once a week. However, experts recommend washing your sheets every 3-4 days if you have pets.
Regular sheet washing is essential because things like dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and sweat quickly build up. The same is true for where your pet sleeps or relaxes: its kennel.
Kennel cleaning is vital to pet hygiene and pet care. But how often should clean it? Keep reading to find out.

Kennel Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

First, it’s important to distinguish between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is the practice of removing dirt, dust, and other items from the kennel. This includes:
Cleaning dog kennel odor is also possible. But, depending on the source of the odor, you may also need to disinfect.
Disinfecting is a specific type of cleaning that kills things like:
Microscopic organism
Disinfecting helps organisms from developing further. For example, if the source of an odor is fungi or another organism, disinfecting will ensure the smell doesn’t return.
You can find amazing disinfecting products for all your kennel cleaning needs at These products are veterinary-approved. They are safe for pets and their physical health.

Factors That Affect Kennel Cleaning Procedures

As with how often you clean your bed sheets, how often you clean the kennel will depend on several factors.
One non-negotiable though is debris and waste. If your pet has an accident in the kennel or soils the bedding, you want to clean and disinfect it right away.
You should pick up debris and wipe away obvious dirt daily to ensure cleanness. The same is true for the food and water bowl as they easily collect bacteria.
Let’s look at some other factors.

Number of Pets

More pets equal more organic waste, especially hair. If you have only one pet, you can deep clean and disinfect the kennel twice a month, minimum. For multiple pets, you’ll want to deep clean and disinfect at least once a week.

Level of Activity and Socialization

If your dog spends a lot of time rolling around in piles of leaves or playing with other dogs, you will want to clean the kennel more frequently. This is because your dog will carry bacteria from the outdoors and organic materials from other animals into the kennel.
You also want to bathe and groom highly active dogs regularly. This will help eliminate bacteria and prevent them from getting into the kennel.

Kennel Location and Material

If your pet’s kennel is outside, you’ll need to clean it more often because of the weather and outdoor debris.
Wooden kennels tend to break down faster when exposed to urine. Plastic is more durable but can still break down and leave stains. Look out for scratches and cracks that can trap bacteria in plastic kennels.
Stainless steel is the most resistant to messes in the kennel and the easiest to keep sanitary.

Clean Kennel, Happy Pet

Kennel cleaning isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about keeping yourself and your pets healthy. It’s easy for bacteria to grow and spread from the kennel. Deep cleaning weekly or bi-weekly is best depending on the factors above.
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