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My name is Kyle Rittenhouse and I’m the Founder of Kyle Rittenhouse. I work with startups and small businesses to increase their online presence and convert leads into customers.


Our latest blog highlights Kyle Rittenhouse, our lead web developer and founder. In this post, he shares his experiences at the launch of and his take on how to build a business from scratch.


A chaotic night of unrest in Kenosha turns deadly


On May 30th, a deadly shooting occurred at the Hooters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The victim, Michael Szyc, was shot three times. Two suspects were arrested and are currently awaiting trial. The Kenosha Police Department’s press release is below.

With closing arguments over, the Kyle Rittenhouse case now heads to the jury

On our popular Blog about trial blog, you can find posts about the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. The jury selection process, the evidence, and closing arguments have just begun.


In the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the prosecution and defense presented their closing arguments in a federal courtroom in Philadelphia today.



A lightning rod of a trial, broadcast widely across the U.S.

This is the story of the case of the year – “State v.  It has become the talk of the legal community and of the general public. The charges were assault with intent to murder and assault with intent to maim. The evidence at trial showed that the defendant had attacked his ex-wife in their home, in front of their children, while she was pregnant. The defendant was convicted on both counts and sentenced to 40 years in prison. It was the subject of a book by William C. Duncan, Jr. entitled “The


Kyle Rittenhouse shows interest in attending Texas university

Kyle Rittenhouse wants to study medicine at the University of Texas. If he attends, he’ll be the second football player to do so.

International High School may move from east Austin …

International High School in East Austin may be moving to its new location. The school board voted in February to move International High School, which was formerly located on North Lamar Boulevard and East Riverside Drive, from the city’s east side to the city’s north side. The school will move to its new site at 2201 S. Lamar Blvd., near the new I-35 frontage road.

This is a very interesting post that details some of the considerations a high school must make before moving their campus in order to ensure the success of their students and the community in which they reside.


Kyle Rittenhouse is a freelance designer specializing in WordPress, logo design, and web development. He enjoys the challenge of creating unique and engaging designs for clients around the world.


Blog about business tips:


I will be blogging about business tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years to help you grow your business.

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